Alcohol & Beer 酒&ビルド

yama yuzu
Tsukasabotan Yamayuzu Liquer (720ml),, 10% Real Yuzu Juice into Sake, 8.9% Alc Supremely fresh and its sweetness is very elegant. Refreshing spicy finish. Made of Kochi Prefecture Yuzu Citrus of Method for agrochemical-free. Additive-free of Flavour, colouring, acidifier and preservative. A Top Favourite among Ladies
TOKUBETSU JUNMAI ALC.:15.9% SMV: -6.5 ~ 7.5 POLISHING RATIO:60% SAKE RICE:HAENUKI PREFECTURE:YAMAGATA The old-time sake making method is revived with modern technology. Using 20% more rice than ordinary sake making, this sake has a rich, juicy and surprising taste that you have never experienced.
Bin Gakoi
BRAND :KAMIKOKORO NAME : BIN KAKOI TYPE:JUNMAI DAIGINJO ALC.:15.9% SMV: -1 POLISHING RATIO:50% SAKE RICE:AKEBONO PREFECTURE:OKAYAMA Flavourful type. Junmai Daiginjo sake with savoury flavours of rice. Silky sweetness is harmonized with gentle acidity.
In this difficult situation, we can enjoy having this “Kansha” sake with someone who is around you. “Kansha” comes from Mr. Matsuda as a smiley representative of Tsuchida brewery who says “Apprisiate! (Kansha in English)” to everyone whenever he is. Sometimes we are too shame to say “Thank you for everything” directly and then you can give this sake at that time. Natural acidophilus and yeast have been living at Tsuchida brewery help to make sake so Tsuchida brewery doesn’t need to add Lactic Acid, Exogenous Enzyme and Deoxidizer. The reason why “Kansha” is good for your body without hangover next day. Polishing rate : 60%
Sakari Junmai DaijinGyo
SOMMELIER'S NOTES This is a very surprising sake with fresh tropical aromas with a hint of Persimmon. Due to a high tech enzyme filter, it can be kept at room temperature without spoilage. SMV 0 Excellent value for money. AWARDS Fine Sake Award Gold 2020 IWC 2020 - Silver
Sanzen JDG Omachi
SOMMELIER'S NOTES A very unique tasting sake made from the original sake rice, Omachi. It has won a lot of awards, and deservingly so. AWARDS Fine Sake Awards 2020 - Grand Gold Medal Kura Master 2019 - Gold Award SMV +5
Kunimare Sake 1800
Kunimare brewery is at the northeast brewery in Japan and have been loved by local people work with the fishing industry. That’s why it’s very good paring with seafood dishes especially. Smells like fresh pears are spread in your mouth quickly and can keep drinking with the sharpness finish.
The most famous Imo shochu. This Imo Shochu has refreshing taste, a faint sweet smell and feels goodness of water is the straight. Drink this shochu with water or on the rocks, but you can enjoy even more the flavor with hot water.
Sake Mirai
Using “Juyondai 十四代” sake rice . Polishing rate : 55% Brewery :Otokoyama Brewery (Yamagata)
Kitano Nishiki
No1 Junmai Daiginjo from Hokkaido “Kitanonisiki” You will enjoy the aroma like pear spreads in your mouth softly, rich umami of rice and balanced end with refresh taste by Hokkaido “Suisake rice.
Takumi Daiginjo
The sweet aroma and richness are well balanced and easy to drink, so it is also recommended for women and beginners of Japanese sake. Polishing Rate 50% SMV +2
Orion Beer
Imported Okinawa Beer, Orion uses German hops which gives a more robust “European” flavor than most Japanese Beers. A Jug estimate 4 glass . Happy Hour 3pm to 7pm.
Cuvée Name: Les Amandiers  Vintage: 2018 Grapes used: 100% Chenin  Age of vines: 10 years Alcohol: 12,0 %
intage 2018 Cuvée: Grolleau rosé  “just Pink” Grapes used:100% Grolleau noir Age of vines: 30 years Production:4600 bouteilles
Well structured sparkling, honey hints, refined and elegant bubbles. PAIRING Any fish dish, white meat with/without sauce, can be on its owns. In France we mix with raspberry liqueur as an aperitif.
An elegant silky red wine which has been aged in the 40hl French oaked barrel. Sumptuous and forward approach. PAIRING It goes well with red meat/cheese/game. Suggest to decant for at least 2 hours before consumption.
Nocturne Noir
Coffee Whiskey by Bottle
Nocturne Noir
Coffee Whiskey per shot served chilled
Nihonsakari Daiginjo Nama Genshu
Softest of the three, yet with great depth and flavour. 18% Alc. 50% Polishing, SMV -4. 200ML.
A lighter mouth feel than Honjozo, this sake boasts gentle nutty flavours. 16% Alc. 55% Polishing, SMV -5. 200ML.
Nihonsakari Honjozo Nama Genshu
A soft texture with a big flavor, this Honjozo that is pleasant to savour with richer foods. 19% Alc. 70% Polishing, SMV -6. 200ML.
from Niigata. 14% Alc. 58% Polishing, SMV 0. 720ML.
from Niigata. 14% Alc. 58% Polishing, SMV 0. 300ML.
Hakushika Nadajikomi Dry
Hot Sake. From Hyogo. 14.5% Alc. 75% Polishing, SMV +4. 280ML.
Orion Beer
Imported Okinawa Beer, Orion uses German hops which gives a more robust “European” flavor than most Japanese Beers. 330ML Happy Hour Price only $5.00.