Must Eat!

A5 Wagyu Ribeye
Winner of Best Japanese Wagyu Steak Award. Premium A5 Hokkaido Wagyu Ribeye with Rice,  Miso Soup and Appetizer
surume ika
Grilled Fresh Japanese Flying Squid Served with Minced Ginger and Special Mayo
Aburi Shake Unagi Roll
Seared Salmon with Special Mentai sauce on a Japanese Eel Roll
A3 Wagyu with Foie Gras
Pan Fried A3 Wagyu with Goose / Duck Liver
Unagi Kabayaki
Grilled Premium Japanese Eel Dipped with Sweet Soy Sauce
Chirashi Don
Assorted Seafood Slices on Sushi Rice
Spicy Bara Chirashi
Newly Created Spicy Diced Assorted Seafood with Hokkaido Sushi Rice
Buta Soki Ramen
A Must Try! Okinawa Style Buta Soki Nitsuke Ramen! Special Thick, Rich, Favourful Broth made from Pork and Chicken Bone to Warm your Soul. Pork Soft Bone Simmered and Melts in Your Mouth. Specially Hand Made Ramen to make the Meal of the Day.
A3 Wagyu-Sirloin
Winner of Best Japanese Wagyu Steak Award. Pan Fried A3 Wagyu Sirloin Steak (200gm)
Mixed Mushrooms Salad
Mixed Mushrooms, Shitake, Oyster Mushroom, Enoki in Butter with Japanese Plum Sauce
Ikura Chawanmushi
Steamed Savoury Egg Custard with Salmon Roe. Rated Best Chawanmushi in Singapore.
Kani Hiyashi Pitan Tofu
Homemade Steamed Cold Crabstick Meat Egg Tofu, Toppen with Century Egg, Spring Onions, and Flying Fish Roe. Rated Best in Singapore.
Shishamo Mentai
Smelt Fish & Cod Fish Roe
Salmon Carpaccio
Slices of Salmon Topped with Flying Fish Roe, Using Real Truffles Mix in Japanese Style Shoyu
Japanese Style Fried Chicken
Traditional Japanese Special Deep Fried Chicken Meat