Agemono 揚げ物

kaki furai(
Imported from Japan, 4 pcs of Breaded Whole Oyster deep fried to perfection with our Special Red WineTonkatusu Sauce to give you that Perfect Taste.
Traditional Breaded Japanese Deep Fried Pork Cutlet with Special Red Wine Sauce
Spicy Tori Teba Karaage
3 pieces of Spicy Deep Fried Mid Wings
yasai gyoza
Home Made Vegetable Japanese Dumpling (Deep Fried) with Ponzu Dipping
Kani Tofu
Deep Fried Crab Stick Egg Tofu
Mixed Japanese Fried Prawns with Vegetables
Yasai -Tempura
Deep Fried Vegetables
Tempura Ebi
Japanese Style Fried Prawn
Deep Fried Seasonal Special Japanese River Shrimps 
Japanese Style Fried Chicken
Traditional Japanese Special Deep Fried Chicken Meat