Udon うどん

Buta Soki Ramen
A Must Try! Okinawa Style Buta Soki Nitsuke Ramen! Special Thick, Rich, Favourful Broth made from Pork and Chicken Bone to Warm your Soul. Pork Soft Bone Simmered and Melts in Your Mouth. Specially Hand Made Ramen to make the Meal of the Day.
Zaru Soba
Prawn Tempura Cold Japanese Noodle
Yasai -Tempura
Mixed Vegetable Tempura Noodle
Traditional Japanese Deep Fried Chicken Meat Noodle
Tempura Udon
Fried Prawn Noodles
Zaru Soba
Cold Japanese Noodle
Mixed Fish Udon
Mixed Fish Noodle
Nabeyaki Udon
Paper Pot Udon in Japanese Style Soup Based Topped with Egg and Tempura
Kimchi Kami Nabe
Kimchi Mixed Seafood and Vegetable Udon Served in Paper Pot
Japanese Udon Noodles in Creamy Tomato Sauce Served with Prawn Tempura and Flying Fish Roe