In this difficult situation, we can enjoy having this “Kansha” sake with someone who is around you.
“Kansha” comes from Mr. Matsuda as a smiley representative of Tsuchida brewery who says “Apprisiate! (Kansha in English)” to everyone whenever he is.
Sometimes we are too shame to say “Thank you for everything” directly and then you can give this sake at that time.

Natural acidophilus and yeast have been living at Tsuchida brewery help to make sake so Tsuchida brewery doesn’t need to add Lactic Acid, Exogenous Enzyme and Deoxidizer.
The reason why “Kansha” is good for your body without hangover next day.
In addition, Tsuchida brewery has cosmetics by sake flakes and shows safe sake.
Monde Selection GOLD Award sake brewery

Polishing rate : 60%

Brewery :Tsuchida Brewery (Gunma)

Price: $75.00